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About Us

Doerr Design – A Residential Landscaping Company

Matthew Doerr, Owner, and Designer

Background and Education

My education background is based on design.  I took Architecture and Art classes all through my years in school. I attended Drexel University for Interior Design.

At 21 I opened an art gallery in Tampa.  A dream that people of all ages would love to do, I achieved the dream, but then chose to move on to a design career.

At 25, I moved to San Diego by a friend to help manage his business, The Big Island Plant Company.

Then a friend of a friend came to the nursery to ask for help with the landscape surrounding her new condo in Rancho Santa Fe.  That person became my first client in my current business.

I have had hundreds of clients over the past 25 years of business.  Many of those people are still friends.

My Design Concepts

Today I consider myself a Landscape Designer producing some of the best backyard landscape designs.

My company services are based on design.  The design goal is to create a natural landscape design that will transition from the exterior of a home and bring the interior and exterior together to make the outside just as exciting as the indoors.

Many of my clients have told me that they now spend more time entertaining outdoors than indoors. I love it when I hear the reactions of their friends, family, and neighbors after seeing the before and after effects, I have created.

My Design Process

As a landscape design contractor, I always offer a free one-hour consultation to new clients.  It’s my belief that the first hour we spend together is very important to determine how we will work together in the future.

In designing your backyard landscaping, that first hour is very important.  I interview my clients as much as they interview me.   I like to spend time both inside and outside of a home to learn about my clients and to see how they live.  This helps me understand their personal style, likes, and dislikes.

This process helps me to design a space that utilizes some of the styles of their current environment and put that into their new space.

Once an agreement has been made that we will work together, and I do stress together. I will do a proposal for the cost to draw up an initials drawing as well as a cost analysis.

I have been asked many times at a first meeting.

Projects Costs

When it comes to cost of a project I prefer that a client tells me how much of a budget they have and I will give a very honest opinion on whether I think we can achieve their goals at that price.  Often my clients would like to do some of the work themselves and in that case, I can provide the design and assistance with selection of materials and plants.  This has worked well for my clients in the past that have the desire to be involved but need a plan and guidance in the process.