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Rosas Residence Chula Vista California


I recently went to see one of my old clients to update my website and was very pleased with the way the property looked after 5 years. Most of the plants have matured a lot some were not maintained as well as I would  have liked . I stress to my clients that a good maintenance gardener is a true investment in how their properties will look long term.


The scope of work on this project was large.

I removed then reinstalled the flagstone that was originally installed in the existing soil, there were many drainage problems so the flagstone was set in cement and a full drainage system was installed .

Walls were added to help with the drainage and to add multi dimensions to the yard . The walls are just simple 8″ concrete block covered in the same flagstone we used on the whole project . The flagstone was actually cut one piece at a time and glued onto the walls , today I would have purchased a ledge stone product the is glued on in sheets .

I designed 2 seperate patios  one was expanding the existing patio installed by  the original home owner the was just simple gray concrete  . flagstone was set in motor on the old cement and sections of new concrete were added to create a new organic shape.

The Front yard had a major makeover as well . The landscaping was boring , and the hardscape was just the simple stuff added by the builder .

The front patio was expanded and the railing was removed to create a much larger space all of the square edges were rounded off . the 3 foot walkway from the driveway was removed and a set of steps were added as well as a retaining wall .A few of the existing Sago palms were grouped together and are now huge . Queen palms were added for height as well as layers of color.

Cercis Forest Pansy Tree

General Culture:

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Part shade is best in hot climates. Since this tree does not transplant well, it should be planted when young and left undisturbed.

Noteworthy Characteristics:

Spring Look

‘Forest Pansy’ is a purple-leaved cultivar of the popular Missouri native redbud tree. It is a small, deciduous, understory tree with a spreading, flat-to-rounded crown. Can eventually grow to 20-30′ tall. Trunk usually divides somewhat close to the ground. Clusters of tiny, rose-purple, pea-like flowers bloom profusely on the branches and mature trunks for 2-3 weeks in early spring (March-April) before the foliage emerges. Flowers tend to be darker and more purplish than the species. Heart-shaped leaves open bright reddish-purple and gradually mature to a more muted purple (or purplish green in hot summer climates). Pendulous, flat, bean-like, 2-4″ long seed pods resembling snow peas appear in late spring after flowering. Fall color is variable, but often includes attractive shades of reddish-purple and orange. Redbuds are true harbingers of spring.

Canker can be a significant disease problem. Potential insect pests include tree hoppers, leaf hoppers, caterpillars and scale.


Excellent small tree for lawns, woodland gardens or naturalized areas. Effective planted as a specimen or in groups. Frequently planted as a street tree in residential areas.


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